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Brod, Michelle

Ethridge, Jonathan

Gray, Curlie

Hamilton, Judy | ISS

Malcolm, Patricia

Pearlman, Doreen | Credit Recovery

Peavy, Donna | Media

Rivera, Luis

Shannon, Desmond

Wells-Felix, Pakitta


Cuevas, Angie

Dunbar, Shawanda

Harnage, Latosha | Manager

Leon, Isis

Marquez, Suannet

Marrero Bosque, Caxandra

Modeste, Stella

Ortiz, Maritza | Assistant Manager

Smith, Patricia

Soto, Maria

Valentin, Suhail

Whetstone, Caretha

Support Staff

Martin, David | Plant Operator

Spry, Travon | Custodial

Wooden, Johnnie | Custodial

Office Staff

Albrecht, Danielle | Data Operator

Caraballo, Mildred | Confidential Secretary

Francis, Noah | Technology Support

Fuentes, Liliana | Nurse

Murphy, Stephanie | Guidance Clerk

Kirby, Rose | Attendance Clerk

Welch, Kathryn | Bookkeeper

Whidden, Sherri | Athletic Director

Williams, Angela | Front Desk Clerk